Concealer trend

Segmented market

  • Concealer sales on Taobao / Tmall reached 0.7 billion yuan on September. This is equivalent to 5% of base makeup sales revenue(13.3 billion) over the same period
  • Concealer has a smaller market size than foundation segment, but it appears to be a category with high brand loyalty. As shown in Table 1, brands on the top concealer rankings on March and those on September this year did not change significantly.
  • Another characteristic worth noticing about concealer market is that there are many small brands on the market. Looking at the sales of brands ranked first, second and third, there is little difference. Market share also stood at 8.5% for Maybelline, 8.4% for Dermacol, and 7.9% for UNNY. This is quite different from other categories, where top brands have dominant presence with big gaps. Relatively smaller brands are steadily growing in terms of size.
  • It is also noteworthy that the top brands are mostly from overseas. Most local brands occupy the top positions not only for skin care but also for color makeup, but the presence of local brands is very small in concealer.
Figure1. Monthly sales trend of concealers | Source: MeasureCommerce
Table1. Concealer Top 10 brands in September(vs. March)

Texture and packaging trend

  • Concealer’s most typical packaging is liquid in a container like lip gloss. This type of texture usually tend to have a matte finish.
  • In recent years, pot type concealers have gained popularity overseas. The most popular brands at the moment, including RMS beauty, Glossier and Laura Mercier, are now promoting their concealer products through influencers, and are quickly gaining popularity through word of mouth.
  • Pot type concealer emphasizes the role of supplementing skin defects, rather than the conventional concept of ‘hiding them’, and so the finish is more natural and moist.
  • This change in formulation is in line with the change in overall perception of makeup from “cover” to “glow.”

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