Lazy people get spoiled in the local market

I. What do ‘lazy people’ want

  • Skincare reviews of products from local brands frequently include comments that say “right for lazy people.”
  • The keyword ‘懒人(lazy people)’ refers to those who want to spend less time when doing makeup. Products that are aimed at making skincare routine or makeup routine quicker and easier are usually said to be ‘lazy people’ friendly. These include all-in-one cream that acts as a toner, essence, and cream or a moisturizer that also functions as a makeup base.
  • Monthly engagement for the keyword is constantly on the rise, which reflects growing demand for easy-to-use products.
  • Related keywords are mostly centered around skincare.

Table1. Related keywords for ‘懒人(lazy people)’

Source: MeasureInfluence | MeasureChina

II. The market for them

  • The total sales of products sold under the keyword ‘lazy person’ in the first half of this year is 632 million yuan(about 107 billion won), according to our dashboard.
  • Out all the products sold under the keyword, 56% was skin care and 33% was color makeup.
  • Brands that had the highest link with the keyword ‘lazy people’ are as follows. Notice that all the Top 10 are local and skincare brands.
  • Hexze and Marie Dalgar are particularly active on social media.

Table2. Top 10 brands with the highest relevance with the keyword ‘lazy people’

Source: MeasureInfluence | MeasureChina
  • Meanwhile, if we take a look at products ranking list, the ones in skincare category are mostly ‘tone-up cream’ which focuses on instantly brightening the skin. Anything other than skincare products are mostly concentrated around eye makeup. The table below shows the performance of Top 10 products in the first half of 2019.

Table3. Top 10 products with the highest relevance with the keyword ‘lazy people’

Source: MeasureInfluence | MeasureChina

  • Except for local brands, Japanese names such as Shu Uemura and Opera are performing well. It is not difficult to find Japanese products that have the keyword ‘item for lazy people.’

III. Selling points in common

1) Main focus is on moisturizing and whitening

: A lot of the products that says ‘this is for lazy people’ are skincare products with whitening effect. This contributes to creating clean and bright complexion, so that the makeup that comes after does not necessarily have to be heavy.

2) Appeals to younger generations

: The main consumers of ‘lazy’ products are students and people who just started their career. Many reviews have comments saying, ‘this is right for students just like me,’ ‘easy to use in busy mornings,’ and ‘reduces time spent on makeup.’

3) Easy to cleanse

: ‘Lazy’ products are easily removed, even without complicated cleansing routines. They don’t require separate makeup removers. People just wash their face with normal cleanser and the product is removed.

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